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ELPD offers complete in-house product development solutions in a variety of fields, including industrial and mechanical  design. 

We're there from the early stage of prototype production to limited quantity manufacturing and up to mass production.

Mechanical design is a core process upon which almost any product manufacturing is built on. 

This process holds a key role in the hi-tech industry, be it in computer building machines, electronic outfitting, plastic products planning, electronic products manufacturing and more.

ELPD assists its clients in every stage of the production process. The company provides samples as well as mass-production services, while selecting the necessary technologies as well as the most suitable and cost-effective manufacturer. Our overseas offices facilitate the process through engineering backup [technical support] and product quality control.



ELPD’s Industrial Design team, headed by highly qualified and experienced designers, provides unique and innovative design solutions based on technical production experience in an array of design categories including: electronic equipment, medical systems, consumption products, furniture, automobiles, etc.


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