ELPD assists its clients in every stage of the production process. 

The company provides samples as well as mass-production services, while selecting the necessary technologies as well as the most suitable and cost-effective manufacturer. 

Our overseas offices facilitate the process through engineering backup & product quality control.

Full Turnkey Projects

Full Turnkey Projects

ELPD provides and manages full turnkey projects, offering a range of electronic, industrial and home products.

With the help of our expert partners in China and Taiwan we manufacture the best possible products, supervised by our top inspectors. 

We further operates a delivery service to the end user.

Full Turnkey Projects


ELPD provides the highest quality extrusion, including machining, coating, painting, and printing.
Our CNC service is extremely accurate and may be used for any quantity.

Full Turnkey Projects


ELPD specializes in Aluminum and Magnesium die casting parts and tools production.

Our CNC service is extremely accurate and our tooling team us involved in highest quality tools manufacturing.

We supply parts, using various types of finishing like high quality panting, printing, etc.. Each part is passing quality control before shipping to our customers.

Full Turnkey Projects

ELPD offers a wide range of stamping tools for small and large parts, in a variety of materials such aluminum and steel, and in various kinds of coating, color, prints, etc. 


Full Turnkey Projects


ELPD offers numerous kinds of plastic parts in a variety of technologies e.g. IMD ,overmolding and double injection. 
The various types of finishing include high quality painting, special hard coating, prints, etc.